About Niamh

Hi, I’m Niamh Daly

I’ve been teaching Hatha Yoga for 15 years & Yin Yoga for 7 years, making me one of Ireland’s most experienced teachers in that style.

My passion lies in making Yoga accessible, safe, useful and achievable for all.
After many years of striving (and believing, despite warnings from my body, that to be “good” at Yoga you should be pushing towards the “advanced” postures), I found that I was starting to doubt the wisdom of my habitual Yoga practice.  So, with a joy found in Yin Yoga, embodiment dance meditation, and the softening that came with menopause, I began to explore… Out of this came Yinstinct Yoga, a unique practice that flows from intimate attention and response to our body’s calling.
As each of us is the greatest guru of our own body, nothing gives me a greater sense of achievement than to see my students (albeit with a basis of Yoga as a safe starting point, and rich resource) in completely different energies and shapes from mat to mat, and class to class.
My training was in India (Sivananda), and with Marlene Ffrench-Mullen (one-year mentorship), and Sarah Lo.  I have been deeply influenced by workshops with Donna Farhi, David Mooney, and in 5Rhythms.  As well as being a yoga teacher, I’m also enjoy working as a Thai Massage therapist and actor.
Niamh Daly