Teacher Training

I am delighted to announce my “Certificate in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause”, the first of it’s kind in Ireland.
Do you have women in your Yoga classes?
A 2017 study found that 82% of Yoga practitioners are women.
Each of these women will go through the stages of menopause, usually beginning in her early 40s.
Menopause is symptomatic and real, and often very difficult.
There is little or no dedicated training for Yoga teachers to learn how to support women in this time.
Just like pregnancy Yoga, it should be a regular module in all Yoga Teacher Trainings, but it is not. Yoga teachers should be educated in how we can help, and how we may be hindering women at this time, as the way that they use their body needs to change to reduce the higher risks of diseases at this time.
So, after years 5 years of research, training, giving talks, and workshops, I have created the first post-graduate training in Ireland: “Certificate in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause”, fully certified by the IYN, with whom I am a registered Yoga Elder.
Yoga can significantly help ease the symptoms and general experience of women during this long period in their lives (5-12 years of symptoms, preceded by pre-Menopause effects, and followed by post-Menopause needs). But perhaps not in the ways you assume.
It will be a 3 day module for you to learn what you need to help keep the women in your classes supported and safe.
**Given the current global situation, the dates of the first course are not set, but I envisage a time between June and September. Please register your interest by pm or email.**
Suitable for trained Yoga teachers, and women who would like to deepen their knowledge and awareness of how to help themselves. (The certificate will only be awarded to previously trained teachers.) The course will take place in Dublin or possibly Bray, Co Wicklow