Niamh is a gifted teacher, with a unique way of bringing her students into connection with their bodies, effectively, and mindfully guiding them inside themselves.”  Sue Flamm. Senior Yoga Teacher, creator of The Puja Method

It never felt old, or like I’d heard it before. Our practice was free, wise, and playful.”  Joyce, Yoga Teacher

I felt both held and empowered. I loved the balance of philosophy and humour. I am delighted to have found such a wise, experienced teacher to attend.”  Aoife, Yoga Teacher

Her knowledge of the human body, her ability to make anatomy fascinating, make me want to learn more.”  Phil, Yoga Teacher

“… Completely balanced for body and mind . The true meaning of a strong, yet restorative practice was guided by a practitioner who knows her way around the body from the entrance of the heart space. The workshop reopened a door back into the real meaning of  Yoga.”   Gina, Yoga student, and Psychotherapist.