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Suspended… Gentle Hatha – Greystones, Wednesdays 10.30am

Weekly Gentle Hatha.
Strengthening and opening, but with more adaptations for injuries/newer Yogis. An explorative atmosphere.
In our weekly classes, we focus on a Yoga that aims to keep you as healthy and mobile as possible for the life you love. Whether you want to run 10k every week for the rest of your life, or continue to be able to walk your dog til you are 99, whether you want to strengthen and stretch or let go of aches and pains, enhance a meditation practice or find ways to cope with stress or depression, there is value in these classes. Here is a continued offering of the basic Yoga practices of pranayama (breath work), and asana (physical practice), and a smattering of philosophy.


Walk-in €14

8 consecutive weeks €100


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 Greystones Yoga Studio
 Number of Week52
 Next: April 15, 2020
 10:30 am - 12:00 pm