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Yoga for Women Over 40- Tuesdays 10am

Yoga for over 40s.

In this course I will help you learn what you need to support you on the approach before you reach, or during peri/menopause, by teaching you physical practices to bolster your body, techniques for the deep rest you will need, and a connection with your peers, as we strip away confusion, and fear.  Anyone who feels that she is approaching, or on the journey towards her natural hormonal changes is welcome.

From the age of 35-65 we can expect a change in hormone levels to begin to affect us in different ways. It can happen earlier, or later, and doesn’t always start with changes to our periods. With over 40 possible traits of peri/menopause, the beginning can be confusing, and sometimes scary. But once you become informed about what’s happening, and how to mind yourself, the journey becomes more natural, acceptable, empowered, and maybe even empowering…


My peri-menopause has given me a deep passion to help you move into, and through this natural phase in your life, feeling capable, informed and supported, so I have set about making it one of my areas of speciality in my teaching.

Key to my mental and emotional health during this time has been conversation and community with other women. So, there will be (optional) time for sharing your journey, and sharing tea!

Cost €50




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Tuesday 10:00 am 11:30 am not available
10:00 am - 11:30 am - Yoga for Women Over 40- Tuesdays 10am - at Macha Yoga, Florence Rd, Bray

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  1. Caroline Donegan

    Hi Niamh
    I came across your Sept menopause day on Facebook but have a new phone and cant find it now!! Could you email me the date please…I think it’s a sunday in Sept and costs €35

    1. Niamh Daly

      Hi Caroline,
      Thank you for your inquiry. You can find out all about it, and book, here
      Any more questions are welcome!

      1. Niamh Daly

        Hi Caroline,

        Just to let you know that the workshop for women’s hormones is almost sold out, in case you are still hoping to come, I would advise booking asap.

        All the best,


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