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Yoga & Nutritional Therapy for Mental Health

24th November 2019 10:00 am - 24th November 2019 1:00 pm SoBe, Greystones.

The food we choose to eat can have a significant impact on our mood and mental health. This is both at a physiological and emotional level. Ensuring we nourish not only ourselves but also our gut bacteria, we can support our mood and mental health at a physical level; a topic that is gaining increasing scientific acknowledgement. In addition, enjoying a wide variety of foods that satisfy us and allow us to fully enjoy social situations and celebrations also have a fundamental impact on our mental well-being. Both are equally important.
On a physical level, the type of exercise we take, our expectations of ourselves within our exercise regime (especially in Yoga or other classes), and the way we exercise have a significant impact on our relationship with ourselves, and thereby, on our emotional well-being. Niamh uses Yoga’s tools (which have wide-ranging benefits on our mental and 
emotional, as well as physical health, when responsibly and intelligently approached) to help you find a way to stay physically active, and mobile to support YOUR life, in a way that you can actually LOVE, and as an antidote to the pressure and self-judgement you may feel in relation to “keeping fit”.
Niamh will help you to find
 “exercise” that you find physically and emotionally nourishing, provide ideas for how to be physical while you are struggling, and give you calming practices that may offer support in times of stress, overwhelm or anxiety. Petra will explore ways in which we can include foods that are known to support our brain and gut health, and offer tips and practical ways to find enjoyment of food for better mood.
Including a taster lunch and handouts with information, recipes, and Yoga practices to take home. Cost €36.50


Suitable for all adults.

This is part of a series of collaborative workshops between these two experts. Other dates and themes: Our Relationship With Food (January 2020), Women’s Hormones, Gut Health, Bone Health and Energy Balance (2020).

Petra (BSc(Hons) DipNT mNTUI) Her passion for exploring food combinations – both nutritionally and creatively, together with careful consideration and compassion for the intricacy of our relationship with food–helps support the health of her clients.

“What a team! The content was superb, I loved the way you blended the yogic and nutritional, giving science, anatomy, biology and kindness in bite size pieces with time to chew it over. The pace of your speaking was beautifully congruent with your message to slow down, take time, listen. The gentle humour from both of you gave permission to let go and not to beat myself up for falling short in this way or that.”  Fiona, Psychotherapist.

“I have attended 2 of these workshops, each time coming away with inspiring ideas to try and tips on making doable adjustments to improve my well being. I particularly like the non prescriptive nature of their teaching: an offering from which each participant is invited to take only what THEY need. 3hrs exceptionally well spent.” Sophie, Yogi & Nurse