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Moving With The Times

April 25, 2020 11:00 am - April 25, 2020 1:30 pm

Yoga and The Science of Stretch: How can we embrace both without losing either?

With so much research telling us that stretching is not good for our tissues, and that variety is key in terms of the way we exercise our bodies, and in an era where we are hearing more and more about the injuries Yoga Asana practitioners are suffering, from lower back issues, to gluteal amnesia, to major hip conditions, how can we adjust our practice and teaching to honour changes and developments in what we know, while still loving and benefitting from the riches of Yoga?

Ahimsa requires that we don’t hurt each other, or ourselves, and Svadyaya requires that we continue learning through self-inquiry. This workshop will give you much to explore..

Niamh, creator of Yinstinct Yoga, will share her long-term research, and her development of a physical practice that honours both this ancient tradition, and cutting edge research into our anatomy and how it actually responds. She will offer you ways to practice Asana to avoid muscular inhibition/amnesia, sacro-iliac instability, hip impingement, excess stress, and more. She will bring you ways to assure that you can still do Yoga regularly, but when and how to introduce the variety our bodies need. In the end, we find that what we know now through science is upholding much, but definitely not all, of what the physical practices of Yoga require of, and deliver to, our amazing organism.

Niamh feels passionately that we must continue to objectively explore anything that comes to light that may inhibit the ability of Yoga to uphold its reputation as a healing art.

This workshop is suitable for those with a regular practice, and for teachers.

Niamh is a registered Yoga Elder with IYN (International Yoga Network).

Cost €35link

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