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New Growth in Mid-Life: A celebration of Women After the Birthing Years

February 1, 2020 2:00 pm - February 1, 2020 5:00 pm Greystones Yoga Studio

In partnership with RTEHerstory International Light Festival, a celebration of the season of new-life.

The word Imbolc, or Imbolg, means “In the belly”.

This celebration time is about new life… buds, lambs, and the rounding of the woman’s belly. How does it feel, and what does it mean, to the peri/menopausal woman, who is no longer fertile in the literal sense?

We will explore what it feels like to awaken from Winter’s hibernation into a different kind of spring, in a culture that has no tradition of honouring the Menopausal transition (rather it seeks to hide it), when we watch the young women dance in the energy of their years of potential.

We will explore the different rounding of our bellies, honouring their past, but also their future.

We will learn to support our body’s changing needs, and play with what our new, burgeoning gifts are.

We will reach into the wisdom of our coming years.

In Celtic traditions, the maiden-phase was seen as the flowering, the mother-phase as the fruiting, and the menopausal-phase as the creation and planting of the seeds. In the Native American Tradition, a woman is considered fully grown at the age of 52! We will learn new ways to nourish, respect, and hold our matured bodies.

We will honour each others stories and struggles, and find ways to honour our own, in deep compassion and anticipation for the gifts we will bring to our community in the second half of our lives, as we discover what our seed-purpose is.

This nourishing gathering will use tools from the Yoga tradition, so we will be moving, breathing, meditating, but more: we will be borrowing from traditions that DO mark the menopausal journey: learning, and sharing our potential.

Open to all women age 40+, or who feel they are beginning, or out the other side of their natural hormonal changes, whether you are at peace with this time, or struggling with it.

Cost: €40link

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