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Yoga & Nutritional Therapy for Peri-Menopause, The Tree of Life, Malahide. March 29th

March 29, 2020 1:30 pm - March 29, 2020 5:00 pm Tree of Life, Malahide

Supporting us through peri-menopause, and beyond.

With Petra Fulham & Niamh Daly

Fluctuations in our hormones can govern much of our emotional, mental and physical health, throughout our lives. In this workshop we will address the least supported phase of our hormonal life: peri/menopause, which begins for most women in her 40s, even before she sees a change in her periods.

At last there’s a surge of conversation in the media (and legislation to accommodate us is being drafted) about this natural, but sometimes difficult period, which all women will experience. We are being heard, and are a generation changing the image of the pre/peri/menopausal woman. She’s not at the end of something! She’s still parenting, working, and values her physical and social life. But at some point, doing all those things begins to feel more difficult…

Yoga and nutritional therapy can help you with key physical needs of this time: Bone density; muscle mass; cardio-vascular health; joint mobility, and with easing stress, poor sleep, fatigue, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem that can be a struggle during your peri-menopause and beyond.

In this rich workshop we will help you learn what you need to support you on the approach to, or during peri/menopause, to help you with the issues listed above, and many more, and meditations to help bring you away from resistance and fear.

With 2 Yoga practices, interspersed with accessible talks, a mini lunch, and finishing with deep rest and meditation, this is both informative and experiential.

Niamh has a deep personal and professional interest in this area, and will offer you practices that honour your current state, and build resilience for what’s ahead. Petra bring a wealth of up-to-date information on food choices (and recipes) to help you understand, support and work alongside this amazing body system.

Cost €60 includes taster, information, recipe, and Yoga practice handouts.

Suitable for all women from age 35 onwards.

This is part of a series of collaborative workshops between these two experts. Other dates and themes to follow.

Petra (BSc(Hons) DipNT mNTUI) Her passion for exploring food combinations – both nutritionally and creatively, together with careful consideration and compassion for the intricacy of our relationship with food – helps support the health of her clients.

“What a team! The content was superb, I loved the way you blended the yogic and nutritional, giving science, anatomy, biology and kindness in bite size pieces with time to chew it over. The pace of your speaking was beautifully congruent with your message to slow down, take time, listen. The gentle humour from both of you gave permission to let go and not to beat myself up for falling short in this way or that.”  Fiona, Psychotherapist.

“I have attended 2 of these workshops, each time coming away with inspiring ideas to try and tips on making doable adjustments to improve my well being. I particularly like the non prescriptive nature of their teaching: an offering from which each participant is invited to take only what THEY need. 3hrs exceptionally well spent.” Sophie, Yogi & Nurse


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