Yinstinct Restorative

What is Yinstinct Restorative?

Restorative Yoga is suitable for everyone, whether you are in full health, have a robust physical practice of any sort, or are in recovery, living with chronic conditions, or just plain exhausted! Rest and movement are the two biggest components for a healthy body, and in addition, deep, conscious rest is the number 1 cortisol (stress hormone) reducing gift you can give yourself.


In addition to the easy, deeply supported positions that Restorative Yoga uses to ease our tissues out of tension, Niamh uses her training in Thai Massage, and other hands-on modalities, to give your body a little extra, targeted help to release tensions and “adhesion”.


These classes develop our internal awareness strongly, and honours the way our body really does the best it can, developing our self-compassion. These principals can be taken into other physical parts of our life, to temper the way we move, and the way we respect our body. Yinstinct always values constant attention and response to subtle sensations, above holding the posture at the expense of self-care. In this inward journey there is great calm available.