Yinstinct Y’in Safe Hands

What is Yinstinct Y’in Safe Hands?

In our Y’in Safe Hands workshops, we borrow from the practice of Yin Yoga, where floor-based postures are held for long periods. Yinstinct Yoga believes that Yin should be practised at the first point of sensation, as passive stretching at the end of your natural range of motion is known to induce injury. Therefore, you can expect a lot of cosy props to hold you safe, and also some less traditional transition periods between poses. In addition, Niamh uses her training in Thai Massage, and other hands-on modalities, to give your tissues a little extra help to release tensions and “adhesion”.

You may expect silence, interspersed with musings on anatomy, Yoga philosophy, mindfulness, and elements of Chinese medicine, along with inspirational readings during the practice.
These workshops develop our internal awareness strongly, and this can be taken into other physical parts of our life, to temper the way we move. As we often don’t know we are doing damage until it is done (perhaps because, for instance, cartilage has no nerve-endings, or because we have been taught “no pain, no gain” for so long), this level of physical awareness is essential for our ongoing bodily freedom. Yinstinct always values constant attention and response to subtle sensations, above holding the posture at the expense of self-care. In this inward journey there is great challenge and great calm available.