Yinstinct Yoga

What is Yinstinct Yoga?

Yinstinct Yoga balances traditional Yoga with up-to-date research in anatomy, biomechanics, functional movement, and somatics, and with the reasonable and compassionate expectations of what a body which has lived YOUR life can, and wants to do. This is an evolutionary way to approach Yoga, which has often resisted changing in response to developing research.
With a light approach, Yinstinct uses many practices and philosophies of Yoga to give you a strong structure upon which to base your own explorations. Then, through techniques which guide you to potent interoception, encouraging awareness of your internal and external environments, you will be helped to honour your instinct and your own body’s wisdom. Yinstinct can lead you to a Yoga that is as kind (Yin), sensual, playful, strong, expressive, or traditional as best serves your journey on this planet.
Currently, we are in an exciting phase, as an evolutionary surge in the way Yoga is perceived, taught, and practiced is stirring. With its popularity and varied benefits, come gifts and challenges.  As Yoga is often used now “just” for physical healing, or “just” for relief from stresses, teachers must take care of those millions who come to Yoga for myriad reasons. In sharing Yinstinct Yoga, Niamh will hold you safe, offering Yoga that suits you. She will nurture you; simply, into greater ease in body and mind; or onward, into a deep intimate inquiry, instinctual understanding, and compassionate response to your magnificent self, that allows you to evolve the way you move.