A woman’s life in perimenopause and post-menopause is worth living, and worth living well. As difficult as it can be, perimenopause can show you what needs to be done. Along with hormonal changes, it is a time when the urgings of your body become louder and louder until you can no longer ignore them.

When we listen to what is actually being pleaded for by our deserving bodies, we get the opportunity to respond in evidence-based ways that make now more comfortable, and our future more strong, reliable, alive, pleasurable, energised and confident.

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“Niamh I would just like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you for what has been an incredibly nourishing, enlightening and fascinating training. I loved every second of the learning and I can’t quite believe how much I have added to my knowledge.”

“This was an incredibly inspiring training. Niamh is authentic, approachable and incredibly knowledgeable. The training was educating, enlightening and pleasurable every step of the way. I learned many new tools to support women within the yoga setting. This training has changed the way I teach yoga… the course has changed me too. I am more connected to my compassionate, accepting, and empowered self.”

Kristina Mose Libon / Massachusetts USA, YTT graduate

“An amazing weekend training. Niamh is ideal for this online style as her fearless & truthful nature comes across despite physical separation.”

Saoirse O Donoghue / YTT graduate

“I would recommend your course to anyone. I have undertaken lots of courses over the years and am often left feeling underwhelmed unfortunately. This was not the case with your course and it has actually exceeded expectations…”

“Niamh is a fantastic teacher, very warm, knowledgeable and generous with her teaching. I just did the mini menopause retreat and it was wonderful. I felt great after the practices we did and empowered with the information given to make some really positive changes in my life. I will definitely study with Niamh again and highly recommend her.”

Louise Weinzweig / Ireland

“Thank you so much for the retreat on Saturday, I really enjoyed it and felt great afterwards.  I was looking at the notes I took just there and there were so many sides to this… The full spectrum approach was really good.”

Marion Mac Feely / Switzerland

“Thank you so much for giving me the tools with which to embrace my next phase. I feel more confident in striving for my needs to be met, more able to embrace what is ahead of me and less fearful of what my body is up to.”

Sophie Warnock / Dublin