Best Collagen for Menopause

Niamh Daly March 3, 2024 2 comments 2

Collagen supplements are becoming more and more popular among women in menopause. Here I help you know what’s the best option for your needs. Studies into collagen supplements point to support for, among others, some areas relevant to menopause: joint stiffness associated with osteoarthritis, cartilage repair, bone density and quality, blood vessel health, skin hydration and elasticity. The value of…

Are Yoga Teachers Making Unfounded Claims About Yoga’s Benefits?

Niamh Daly January 22, 2023 3 comments 0

The short answer is, yes. But it’s nuanced of course. Yoga has well-established, researched and wide-reaching benefits. BUT! We do not have enough evidence to say that any one Yoga pose alleviates any one symptom or health issue, in menopause or anywhere else! Yet I see claims made by teachers & in articles all the time.  Whose fault is it?…

Podcasts I Have Guested On

Niamh Daly January 18, 2023 0 comments 0

A few choice ones! Click on each one to listen. The Midlife Feast MenoPAUSE: Real & Raw Stories of Midlife & Mental Health The Connected Yoga Teacher Greg Walsh Samadhi Yoga

Boost Your Menopause Breakfast

Niamh Daly January 12, 2023 0 comments 0

A fully nourishing breakfast may really help you with many struggles, like energy, weight gain, cravings, and blood sugar crashes. A fully nourishing breakfast is not a choice, it’s a necessity. Unless you are unable to afford breakfast, it’s a really good idea to have breakfast. It doesn’t have to be the moment you wake up, but without it you…

Changing Libido in Perimenopause

Niamh Daly November 30, 2021 3 comments 1

Libido in Menopause – Many women report “loss of libido” as one of the most troubling effects of perimenopause and beyond. It makes absolute biological sense that libido reduces when reproductivity reduces. Unfortunately, society tells us that we should continue to be fabulously sexual until we are 90, and indeed sex can be the glue that holds valued relationships together,…

Meditation for Human Brains

Niamh Daly October 3, 2021 0 comments 0

Do you meditate with one eye on the future or the past? Has anyone ever said to you “try to live in the present moment!”? And have you ever thought “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!”? or even “I WANT TO BITE YOUR HEAD OFF!”? That may be because you are human. Humans have, as far as we know,…

A Little of What You Fancy

Niamh Daly August 2, 2021 0 comments 1

Moving into the field of Nutrition and Health Coaching, despite my formal education (advanced Diploma), I am maintaining my quiet revolutionary stance! The benefits of pleasure will never be far from my mind when I help you to find ways of enjoying food and eating, enjoying movement and exercise, enjoying work and rest, but that also support your wellbeing and…

Two Easy Recipes to Support You in Perimenopause & Beyond

Niamh Daly May 3, 2021 2 comments 1

What’s the first ingredient I look for in recipes to support my mid-life body, heart and mind? Simplicity! This is not a time of life where we need to put ourselves under any additional pressure. However, it is a time of life when we need to nourish ourselves really fully, in a variety of ways. So what’s the second most…

Duck! It’s Perimenopause!

Niamh Daly December 30, 2020 0 comments 0

Can a duck possibly shed light on your perimenopause? Yes! But you may have noticed that the cover-image in this article is not a duck. It’s a cormorant! They too will shed light on what you are experiencing. Have you heard the phrase “like water off a duck’s back”? It’s a phrase we associate with an ability to allow stresses…

Why Yoga for Menopause, and Not Just the Gym?

Niamh Daly October 29, 2020 1 comments 1

Why Yoga for Menopause, and not just Pilates, the gym or running? Yoga for Menopause offers much of what these things offer, but it also gives you what you need to make sure they have the effect you expect them to… Let’s look at some of the most difficult issues for women during perimenopause: Anxiety, sleeplessness, weight gain, low mood,…