Libido in Menopause (Perimenopause)

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Libido in Menopause – Many women report “loss of libido” as one of the most troubling effects of perimenopause and beyond. It makes absolute biological sense that libido reduces when reproductivity reduces. Unfortunately, society tells us that we should continue to be fabulously sexual until we are 90, and indeed sex can be the glue that holds valued relationships together,…

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What’s the first ingredient I look for in recipes to support my mid-life body, heart and mind? Simplicity! This is not a time of life where we need to put ourselves under any additional pressure. However, it is a time of life when we need to nourish ourselves really fully, in a variety of ways. So what’s the second most…

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Here’s my five tips for exercise during perimenopause and beyond. 1: Stop before you can’t smile anymore! It’s important to stick with a level of intensity and duration that you’re used to, or even ease it back a little. Your body is coping with a lot right now. You may find your recovery time is lengthening. At any time…

How Can Yoga for Menopause Help You?

Yoga at any time of life is an enormously valuable tool. But how can Yoga for menopause help you?
Yoga taught specifically for menopause is an amazing resource addressing many of the issues you may face: for bone density, muscle mass, weight concerns, sleep, recovery after exercise, anxiety, low mood, joints, and for reigniting the comfort, pleasure and self-esteem with which you inhabit your body. This article will help you discover why.
What is menopause?

First let’s remember that menopause is a natural phase, not something to fix. To a great degree, it’s how we deal with it that makes the difference between a tough journey and an easier one.
During perimenopause, there is a huge biochemical change in the body. Hormones are the ruling forces of the behaviour of our cells. Their changes have unavoidable effects on our body and mind. Some women may benefit from medical intervention (hormone replacement therapy (HRT)), some may not need it, and some may not be able to take it, and for some, the side effects are not worth it.
Why is it so difficult?
Partly, it’s down to the very thing that Yoga can ease so well: stress.
Where is this stress coming from?
Grab a cuppa! I may be some time!
There are cultures where the symptoms of this time are less pronounced for many women, and onset can be later. This is, in part, due to cultural expectations and how they affect stress.

In addition to having a duty of care to kids if you have them, and elderly parents perhaps, just spending time on social media looking at all the images of who western women are supposed to be has a significant effect on our stress levels:
These days, the model we’re being shown to aspire to is:
  • career oriented
  • an excellent mother
  • a great partner
  • fabulously sexual
  • eats superfoods and little else
  • keeps fit and slim
  • is ethical and eco-friendly
  • has an impressive exercise regime
  • lives and looks like she’s a decade younger than she is!
What does stress do to us?
The effects of stress are similar to many of the symptoms of menopause, and known to exacerbate them: sleep disturbance, anxiety, exhaustion, low-mood, low libido, and palpitations, breakdown of bone and muscle tissue, weight gain, joint pain, heart and brain health. Any of these sound familiar??!!
How can we ease this stress to enhance our immediate symptoms and longer term health?
The great news is that doing Yoga for menopause with an menopause trained teacher can help with all these symptoms, because it works on physical, mental and emotional levels. It can help you make a whole shift in the way you live in your body, mind and heart, which can become a normal part of your changing life.
But only if you find a menopause trained teacher who understands those changes. Your body has different needs now. If your teacher is educated in those different needs, she will make sure you are not doing more harm than good.
Even if you learn some of the breathing techniques (proven to help with perimenopause symptoms) you will begin to see improvements in your stress levels, sleep, and energy. Then you will feel more able to address the physical struggles you may be feeling, and start to feel strong and well again.

The great news is the number of menopause trained teachers worldwide is growing! In 2020 I launched a training in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause, one of only 2 of its kind in the world. Hundreds of yoga teachers from Ireland, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe have trained and graduated. We are here, passionate about minding and empowering you.

If you’d like to know more, I’m happy for you to contact me. If you’re hoping to ease your symptoms, and you’d like to book in with me click here 
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