Certificate in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause

This course is of such a high standard, I will be recommending it to all.”  Melissa Curtis, Senior teacher & trainer
One of the first two such courses launched, running since 2020, long before the media frenzy made this a popular subject, over 300 teachers have graduated worldwide.
This YTT Certificate in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause (44 hours) is an essential training if you are a yoga teacher who has women from the age of 35 upwards in your classes.
Developed over 7 years, it is certified and endorsed by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Click below for:
Over 80% of Yoga students in the western world are women. In their 40s, and even 30s, all of them will begin to experience the changes of perimenopause.
If you are planning to do the online live Certificate, and the time difference is more than 3 or 4 hours, I will record the portion of the day that is during the night time for you. You will receive it to study within an hour of the end of the day’s teaching. Check your time zone here.

This course is deeply pragmatic

  • There is no pose, or sequence of poses that will stop or reduce particular symptoms. There is a lack of research to back that up. However you will learn that what & how you teach may need to be adjusted to avoid that which may unwittingly hurt your student, physically, socially, mentally and emotionally, and how to use and add to your skills in ways that are relevant to the changing lived experience, biochemistry and structure of your clients.
  • The information that you will learn regarding medical awareness and approaches is via contribution from Consultant Endocrinologist of 30 years, Dr Annice Mukherjee. She is a leading light in Menopause treatment and care, who is currently spearheading the campaign for balanced, mutiple-study-research-based information about the use of HRT in the face of the current dramatic and polarising media headlines.
  • What you will learn in your nutrition module by Petra Fulham NT, BSc, is far from recommendations of extreme diets, but also multiple-study-based adjustments tailored to supporting the vulnerabilities and needs of the changing female mid-life and later-life environment.

Yoga can significantly help ease the symptoms and general experience of women during this long period in their lives, but perhaps not in the ways you assume.

Here’s what some of my Yoga for the Stages of Menopause Graduates say about their experience:

Niamh has a no frills attached teaching skill which is inclusive, respectful, honest and open, I loved every minute of this training, and feel it is something we should all be exposed to.”  Christine Stewart, Senior Yoga Teacher


This course will give you a deep knowledge and understanding of the many ways a woman** can be affected by pre-, peri- and post-menopause.

It will help you learn how much the way you teach her, and the practices you put at her disposal, can make a huge difference to the ease or struggle with which she navigates this intense time. It will teach you how to help women to live through the menopause transition fully embodied.

Beginning for many at around their mid-30s, definitely by their mid-40s, your female* students will start to feel frightening changes in their bodies long before they expect to. With this lack of awareness, and this disarming sensation, come a lot of fear. Your knowledge after this course could reach a woman before she descends into the potential anxiety, low mood and worry that can characterise this time.

Women report feeling marginalised, misunderstood, and not taken seriously by the people they look to for help.

A radical lack of training about Menopause exists in the medical community. As her Yoga teacher, rightly or wrongly, your student looks to you for support and help.

“The content in the manual was excellent,  I feel much better equipped now on how to help a woman going through menopausal stages in her life. Clear, informative and factual, the clarity of the information you gave us was excellent.” Mary Conway, Yoga Teacher

This is a 44 hour training, 31 hours of which are online, interactive and contact and is certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals.


Yoga for Menopause Course Content

  • The biochemistry of the stages of menopause
  • Symptoms
  • Health concerns
  • The changing needs of a woman’s body, particularly regarding exercise
  • Physical anatomy changes
  • Yoga for Osteoporosis
  • Yoga and neuro-stimulus for brain health
  • The role of stress
  • The use of language
  • Trauma-sensitive teaching
  • HRT (contribution by Dr Annice Mukherjee, renowned Consultant Endocrinologist with 30 years experience working with menopause.)
  • What Yoga can do for the common, passing, and long-term effects of menopause including:
    • Science of stretch
    • Resistance bands
    • Restorative Yoga
    • Yin Yoga
    • Somatic movement
    • Application of touch
    • Neuroanatomy & in-class brain function techniques
  • Vagal nerve
  • Pelvic floor and vaginal health (including a contribution by Kim Vopni (The Vagina Coach)
  • CBT and it’s proven effects
  • The role of pleasure
  • HAES
  • Nutrition (contribution by Petra Fulham Nutrition, BSc, Nutritional Therapist)


In order to be receive the certificate you must be a Yoga teacher, or teacher trainee.* However the course is open for the participation of anyone who works in women’s health, exercise or wellness.

Assessment Criteria

Three parts:

Attendance & participation

Teaching assessment

Written piece (2,000 words)

Homework will be in the form of access to an online gallery of lectures and classes to study after the live course, continued study of the manual, and research and composition of your written piece. If you choose, you can avail of my Easing Menopause package, or join my Easing Menopause workshops at a reduced price.

Niamh Daly has been teaching since 2004, and teaching and researching Yoga for Menopause since 2015.

She has taught and mentored hundreds of women in classes, workshops and 1:1 specifically with regard to their menopausal transition, and trained 100s of Yoga teachers as well as other Wellness and Fitness professionals.

“4 beautiful days filled with information, nourishment and inspiration. And superbly facilitated! I must admit I loved being in the comfort of my own space at home and still felt very connected to the whole group.” Rachel Lee, Yoga Teacher


This course takes place over 3 weekends, 4 full days 10am-6pm Irish time, one half day 10am-1pm, plus homework. Check your time zone here

Your investment includes:

  • Hardcopy 78 page manual to use as a resource through your years of teaching “It’s brilliant and I will continue to use as a reference tool and guide.   Comprehensive and concise.”
  • 31 hours live teaching
  • Post-course assessment
  • Certification costs
  • Donation to breast cancer research
  • Free Bonus material “So useful. Reinforced what we had learned together and provided the opportunity to bed it in more deeply by practicing at home.”
  • Free inclusion in Yoga for Menopause Teachers directory

Online contact content is delivered live and interactively on “Zoom”.

31 hours live, and 13 hours homework.


Cost €445

Self-paced cost €368




Please contact me with any queries


** When I use the term woman, I am referring to anyone who has, or had ovaries. When I refer to menopause I include reduction of primarily oestrogen and progesterone whether from early or average onset menopause, surgically or medicinally-induced menopause, for reasons of gender reassignment or the treatment of illness. The social aspect of menopause is enormous, and I cannot pretend to adequately address all experiences. Any Yoga teacher is welcome on this course.

*Women in or approaching their menopausal years and with at least 2 years Yoga practice who would like to attend to support their own journey are also welcome, but the teaching certificate will only be granted to teachers, or to trainees (after they have graduated from their main TT).