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Menopause Awareness & Strategies for Psychotherapists and Counsellors 10 Hour CPD

“Niamh de-mystified and teased out fact from fiction with rigour and a light touch. It made for a highly engaging, stimulating and helpful exploration of the impact of the key stages of peri-menopause and menopause on a woman’s system and on her life. And, in many ways most importantly, offered practical evidence-based interventions to ease the way. As a psychotherapist and perimenopausal woman myself, I found it insightful and hugely useful.” Catríona Edwards, Psychotherapist

10 CPD hours IACP approved

Next dates July 12th, 13th and 14th. Fri 7-9.30, Sat 9.30-1.30, Sun 9.30-1pm.

Psychotherapy, counselling and CBT are finally getting the place they deserve on the menopause platform, are recommended in the NICE guidelines and by reputable organisations such as the British and American Menopause societies. Imagine how much more effective your work could be for the women and their beloveds who come to you for support if you understood more about what is going on, physically, energetically, emotionally and socially during the stages of menopause.

Because of the recent media surge in interest in menopause, you may not be aware of how much misinformation a woman is trusting at the moment, and how frightening it all is for this generation

Have you noticed relationship struggles seem so often to appear in couples where the woman is in her 40s or early 50s? You may not be aware of the possible hormonal reasons for this. Your clients are unlikely to either.

In this course you will gain understanding of the biochemical impact of the stages of menopause, and how it, society, social media and even medical advice can negatively contribute to a woman’s stability and thereby impact her immediate family, colleagues and friends.

You will learn how these biochemical changes can influence behaviour, feelings and energy in distinct ways.

You will learn strategies to ease all of this.

This will enable you to help your clients embrace a broader context in understanding the huge shifts that can destabilise a woman’s sense of self, her confidence, her relationships and more, even when no life events explain her shifting emotional wellbeing.

I think most importantly, you created such a lovely, welcoming and safe space for the group in my opinion. I felt there was such a depth of connection between us all over such a short time which I haven’t experienced before and it really enriched the learning. Cara Gibbons, Psychotherapist

Impacts on relationship:
You will gain insight into how perimenopause can affect relationships, and learn enough to help couples, friends and colleagues understand the impact that the fluctuations of the reproductive hormones have on their sense of each other, and on children if they have them, on friendships and in the workplace.
Physical effects:
The physical impacts on the body, and on hormones other than the reproductive ones, will be made clear, helping you contextualise why some menopausal women may seem unable to implement suggestions for changes to improve their wellbeing, and how, if appropriate in your work, you can help a woman overcome these impediments.
Nervous system importance:
The nervous system is key to the severity of the perimenopause experience, and you will gain knowledge of the particular challenges to the nervous system in perimenopause, and a wide array of useful techniques to support nervous system resilience in your clients, via stimulation of the Vagus Nerve and other strategies.

The broad experiences of women will be made evident, and there will be space to discuss particular challenges your clients are facing. These discussions will help professionals support a wide array of individual manifestations of this life phase, preparing them to be ready with language that is non-triggering and inclusive.

The “feel-good hormones” are affected by the reduction in the reproductive hormones. In taking this course, you will learn in-session, and outside-session ways to encourage the release of these hormones in your clients, which can help with mood, libido, sleep, digestion, sociability and so much more.

Somatic techniques adjusted for the menopausal woman:
A woman’s relationship with her body can change. You will be resourced with simple techniques to help clients stay connected to their body, rather than allowing the detachment that can occur when we become uncomfortable with the sensations or environment of our bodies.

Trauma sensitivity in menopause:
The struggles of perimenopause can create detachment from the body, and can be experienced as a loss of control, power and comfort in being who we are, and in feeling how we are feeling. So the connection of menopause to trauma history, trauma-sensitive language and adjustments will be taught.

“Having this training will help me support women clients going through this stage of life who might think they are going mad or are struggling with what they are experiencing.” Cara Gibbons, Psychotherapist

The learning will be delivered live online, with a comprehensive manual (PDF) to back up the live sessions, and to be referred to after the

Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy CPD approved.

 “I thoroughly enjoyed your course and learned so much… thanks to your wealth of knowledge. I appreciated your use of current research, giving a very balanced and unbiased presentation of this as well as your personal and professional experiences. I really appreciate having this awareness and knowledge both for myself and what is ahead of me and especially for women clients presenting with various issues.” Cara Gibbons, Psychotherapist

Working to support women’s health since 2004, I have helped at least 1,000 women worldwide one-to-one, in workshops, trainings, talks, retreats and classes to understand the menopause transition and to adjust their perspectives and lifestyle habits to support their changing mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Since 2015 I have been developing Yoga for the Stages of Menopause. in 2020 my 40 hour Yoga Teacher Training of the same name was accredited and launched, and has educated 100s of teachers worldwide.  In 2021 my 9 hour CPD for Health Coaches and Fitness and Wellness professionals was launched and continues to be studied around the world.

In the spring of 2023, I developed this course, encouraged by psychotherapists who had either taken other courses, or were coming to my classes, workshops and retreats. They expressed just how much their learning with me was helping them with clients and that “all therapists need to know this”!

These courses are a bringing together what we know about peri-and post-menopause on an experiential level, and a biochemical one, and matching them with practices which have robust research that shows them to be supportive of the struggles and health concerns of this life phase.

Niamh Daly BAHons, RYT, Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Advanced Dip Nutrition and Health Coaching, Pilates Instructor, and guest teacher and speaker in Yoga for Women’s Health trainings worldwide.

Niamh has a no frills attached teaching skill which is inclusive, respectful, honest and open, I loved every minute of this training, and feel it is something we should all be exposed to.” Christine Stewart, Yoga Teacher

Yoga for Menopause Course Content

  • The biochemistry of the stages of menopause
  • Symptoms
  • Health concerns
  • The changing needs of a woman’s body
  • The role of stress
  • The use of language
  • Trauma-sensitive support
  • HRT
  • Vagal nerve
  • CBT and it’s proven effects
  • The role of pleasure
  • HAES
Times: Friday March 22nd 7-9.30pm, Saturday 23rd 10am-2pm & Sunday 24th 10am-1.30pm Irish time.
COST €195
  • PDF manual
  • 10 hours live teaching
  • Post-course assessment (optional)
  • Free bonus material
“Niamh’s gentle nature and expertise supported my personal development. She created a warm, compassionate atmosphere. I loved how much science the course incorporated. It was more than just another yoga training, and I learned information that I look forward to sharing with my yoga students and in my counseling practice.” Heather Sheridan, Yoga Teacher and Counsellor.

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