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With over 200 classes to view and practice online at your leisure, plus meditations making up a huge library of practices, this is an incredibly rich resource.

You can sign up for unlimited use for 2 months for only €50. There is Strong Hatha, Gentle Hatha, and Somatic/Yin/Restorative classes available. Some are over an hour long, many are shorter, from 15 mins up, especially the more Pilates-style bone and muscle strengthening sessions.

They were recorded live, but remain on the page for you to access at any time. From time-to-time, I will add a class, and requests are welcome.

I also have my Easing Menopause group with specific classes for women in mid-life if you prefer.


All you need to do is book now, then find and “friend” me on Facebook (Niamh Daly), and (after a short email interaction to get to know you and any injuries/illnesses you may have) I will add you to the group.


Cost for unlimited use on the FB group for 2 months: €50

Low-wage €40 (I leave the choice to you and ask that you be honest)

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  1. Shirley Phelan

    I had the pleasure of training in yoga for menopause with Niamh recently and I have to say , Niamh made the whole training experience effortless, enjoyable and she is so knowledgable in her speciality that I felt like our group were almost transfixed with each word she was telling us , never any judgment and always a feeling of warmth And acceptance, I would recommend and advise people to either do some classes with her for their own wants or needs or as a yoga instructor in training for new insights and experience


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