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Join Private Facebook live class group (multiple classes)

I am recording 2 classes per week for you to view and practice with at your leisure. In addition there will be short guided meditations every few days. There are already many classes posted for you to begin to use. You can sign up for unlimited use for 4 weeks. There will be Strong Hatha, Gentle Hatha, and Yin/Restorative classes available. They will be recorded live, but they will remain on the page for you to access at any time.


All you need to do is book now, then find and “friend” me on Facebook (Niamh Daly), and (after a short phone/messaging session to get to know you and any injuries/illnesses you may have) I will add you to the group.

Cost for unlimited use on the FB group for 4 weeks: €40


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  1. Siobhán Hanley

    Hi Niamh
    There is a lot of blurb from PayPal so not sure how to pay.

  2. Brigitte

    Hi trying to book in for your month of online classes facebook page. Tried to pay the €40 via paypal got in to Paypal but it doesnt seen to log your payments details.

    We had a brief insta exchange about your yoga and menopause TT later this year thought it might be nice to take a few of your classes.

    Have been doing yoga on and off for 30 years ( some of those years were more off than on) The last 15 years have been more on. Have practiced with many different teachers from all sorts of traditions and decided to take the plunge into a 200hr Teacher training in Vinyasa Kama yoga when we lived in Basel Switzerland. It was a great training in many ways both traditional in its roots but modern too.

    I taught in Switzerland both in a studio and at home. My husband lost his job and we ended up in Dublin

    I have started Teaching again small groups mostly women and at the moment mostly gentle hatha flow.

    I follow many of the teachers that inspired my teacher and have been thinking of doing more training so hence our discussion about your Yoga and menopause TT.

    Let me know how I Can pay for the months classes.
    My mobile number os 0896169654 if you would like a chat


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