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Study Anytime: Menopause Awareness & Strategies for Health Coaches, Fitness & Wellness Professionals

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Accessed via this website here: CPD Gallery
  • 9 hours course content lectures (recorded live)
  • course manual PDF
  • all the homework links
  • in addition, a 40 minute private session with me to answer questions and address issues specific either to you or your students and clients.

“I’ve done a lot of menopause/peri CPD stuff in the last few months and yours was top class. You run a very informative, enjoyable, thorough course looking at all aspects of menopause and how we can support ourselves and our clients on this journey. As a natural health practitioner working increasingly in this field I found it very helpful.” Siobhan Daffy, CPD Graduate.

Learn to understand the huge changes and symptoms of menopause and how they affect women’s ability and reaction to exercise, diet and more. You may notice changes in your female clients as early as their mid-30s. Changes in mood, energy, stamina, injury and recovery rate, weight etc. and that they/you are not getting the same results from your recommendations.

In fact, your recommendations may be unwittingly making things worse…

There is a bigger array of effects of this phase for ALL women than you might imagine. When you understand them, you will be clear as to why your knowledge about this life phase is essential, if you are to support your clients effectively and responsibly. Health and wellness MUST be adjusted to this enormous, body-wide biochemical shift.

Among many other things this course will:

  • Empower you to know what you can and can’t help with through your work.
  • Enable you to help women to understand what is going on in their bodies, and thereby empower them to know:
    • what struggles are normal
    • what can be eased and supported through your work
    • when they should seek additional sources of help
  • Help you get to grips with the physiological changes that influence the negative or positive impact of your work and recommendations.
  • Give you greater understanding of where what you offer may need to be tweaked for the changing needs of the body and nervous system, in the (on average 7.5 year) transition to menopause, and in the years to follow.
  • Help you understand why what you usually offer, and have seen successfully aid a woman’s health, fitness and confidence seems not to have the expected results anymore
  • Teach you to recognise where in her hormonal phase a woman is, possibly even before she recognises it.
  • Teach you the biochemistry, symptoms and health risk changes of the perimenopause transition and the years beyond menopause, offering you tools to support those health risk changes.
  • Give you peer-reviewed research-backed information on nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep support specific for the stages of menopause and over the important years of your clients late 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s
  • Inform you of researched medical, complimentary and supportive options that are available to women.
  • Educate you as to what reasons, other than average reproductive ageing, will cause a loss of the reproductive hormones.

linkNiamh has a no frills attached teaching skill which is inclusive, respectful, honest and open, I loved every minute of this training, and feel it is something we should all be exposed to.” Christine Stewart

This course will give you a deep knowledge and understanding of the many ways a woman can be affected by pre-, peri- and post-menopause. It will help you learn how much the way you teach her, and the practices you put at her disposal, can make a huge difference to the ease or struggle with which she navigates this intense time.

Beginning in our 40s, it’s likely that your clients will start to feel frightening changes in their bodies long before they expect to. With this lack of awareness, and this disarming sensation, come a lot of fear. Your knowledge after this course could reach a woman before she descends into the potential anxiety, low mood and fear that can characterize this time.

The content in the manual was excellent, I feel much better equipped now on how to help a woman going through menopausal stages in her life. Clear, informative and factual, the information you gave us was excellent“. Mary Conway
The highest rate of suicide in women in Ireland and the UK is between the ages of 45-54. This may in part be due to menopausal symptoms, exacerbated by the researched fact that women feel marginalised, misunderstood, and not taken seriously by the people they look to for help. A radical lack of training about Menopause exists in the medical community. As her fitness, nutrition, or wellness professional, you have the privilege of your client’s trust and time. If you take this course, she will see that you deserve her trust, that she is taken seriously, and is worth targeted, informed, knowledgeable, pragmatic and compassionate support.
The content has been brilliant and thought provoking, from the information on the menopause to the practicalities and limitations of teaching a class.” Brigitte Stuart, Yoga Teacher.
This is a 9 hour training. It includes a 30 page manual emailed to you, and homework.
Certified by REPsUAE (9 CPD points)
The biochemistry of the stages of menopause
The wide roles of our sex hormones
Health concerns
The changing needs of a woman’s body, particularly regarding exercise and diet
The role of stress
The use of language
Neuroanatomy and Brain Health
Researched menopause-supportive tools
This course is open to Pilates teachers, Personal Trainers, Health, Nutrition & Wellness Coaches, Nurses, any Wellness professional working with women, and women who would like to use it for their own information.
Study of content
A very small “exam”
A short written piece

Led by Niamh Daly, Worldwide Menopause Educator, Nutrition coach, Yoga & Pilates Teacher & Teacher Trainer

Niamh has been teaching since 2004, and teaching Yoga for Menopause since 2015. She has taught more than 150 women in classes, workshops and 1:1 specifically with regard to their menopausal transition.

This course is pre-recorded
Please contact me with any queries.

Cost includes:

  • PDF 30 page manual
  • 9 hours course content (recorded; 2 months access)
  • Free attendance at 1 future live run of this course
  • Assessment
  • E-cert

Class Timetable

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There are 15 comments on this post

  1. Emma Smith

    Hi Niamh, I am a yoga teacher and personal trainer, I’m 44 and a lot of my clients are going through menopause and think I maybe peri. I’ve been wanting to learn more about it for ages and am really looking forward to your course starting in September. You come highly recommended by Becky Fenwick, I did my yoga teacher training with her. Love and light Emma

    1. Niamh Daly

      Delighted to have you on board with your expertise, and your willingness to support your clients from an informed stance. The yoga world is changing for women in menopause!!

  2. Jackie

    Will definitely do this course. Just finishing my 200 hour teacher training course. Heard it on Joe Duffy. Where will it be held. Many thanks. Jackie

    1. Niamh Daly

      Hi Jackie. All my courses are online at the moment, both because of restrictions, and to facilitate participants from Europe, the UK and the USA who tend to join too.

  3. Jennifer Rose Goerling

    Hi Niamh I am in Perth, WA would love to do the Sept training, will it be ok even though I am in OZ ? I have been teaching for 14 years and would love to learn more about this as I am now 43 and certainly things are on the change for me and most of my students are Women over 38 years. Many Thanks
    Jennifer Rose

    1. Niamh Daly

      Hi Jennifer.
      Only just saw your query! Yes You’re very welcome from Australia. You will be my 5th Australian graduate!! I will email you about times etc…

    2. Niamh Daly

      You will be entirely welcome! I have had 4 people take the training from Australia, and they were heroes of the courses, joining live into the small hours! Hope to see you then!

  4. Sharon Lovie

    Love to join in training for September….please let me know if need a deposit to hold please. Many thanks Sharon Lovie

    1. Niamh Daly

      Hi Sharon.
      You will be very welcome.
      Yes, at this stage you would need to make a deposit as there are not many places remaining.
      All the best,

  5. Alessandra Adam

    Hi Niamh
    I would love to take part on your training
    I m a yoga teacher in Australia, and recently Also going through menopause. I’m 43 and a mum of a 10 year older girl.

    My questions is
    Full price + bookings fees
    Or total 400 Euros?


    1. Niamh Daly

      Hi Alessandra. Full price is €400. No spooky hidden booking fees!! It covers the live teaching, extra material, manual, postage, certification costs and inclusion in the directory.
      Hop to meet you before long!

  6. Simona

    Is this also online TT? Do you send a certificate?

    1. Niamh Daly

      Hi Simona. Yes it’s completely online, and I post you the manual, and later, I post the certificate.

  7. Sue Cordery

    Hello Niamh
    I am not sure what happened to my earlier query – as I haven’t heard back from you – it’s probably lost in “The Cloud”
    I was originally enquiring about your December training starting 27th November – I have a prior engagement on Saturday 4th December so was concerned about how / if you record so I could still access this training day
    On checking your site today I guess aDecember training is full so does this mean I will have to register for the January training ?. 🙏

    1. Niamh Daly

      Hi Sue,
      I just replied by email. Sorry to have not received the earlier message.

      There is still space on the Nov/Dec dates. You will be welcome.



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