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Menopause CPD for Exercise Professionals & Health Coaches

Are you an experienced Exercise Professional or Health Coach who has clients in midlife?

Do you want to learn about what’s happening in menopause so that you can best provide reassurance and support to those clients?

“I can’t express enough how I found your course not only informative but valuable .. especially when barely anyone talks about it to young women.
Thank you so much for all the effort you’ve put in to make this course easily digestible as well as relatable. This is a highly recommended course for anyone working with women across all professions, as well as women who’d like access to credible information about their natural body transitioning into late adulthood.” Wissam ElSayed, Personal Trainer, Dubai.

women in perimenopause react differently to exercise.. Menopause CPD for Fitpros by Niamh Daly

The body’s reactions to exercise and diet change in perimenopause

You and I know there’s a lack of certified peri/menopause education, further training or online training for women in fitness/coaching worlds. It certainly wasn’t part of your first qualification: most entry-level and CPD programs are targeted towards younger women and men.

Yet you may be hearing a lot from your clients about how perimenopause is affecting them.

You may notice changes in them, as early as their late-30s. Changes in mood, energy, stamina, injury and recovery rate, weight etc. and that they/you are not getting the same results from your recommendations. I know you want to be able to have answers for them.

“I really enjoyed this course. The content is interesting, thorough, and backed up by many research links. Niamh logically delivers the course, and I highly recommend [it]” Kelly Ozoux Fitness, Pilates Teacher

Because of a huge surge of exposure in the media about menopause, there are more and more menopause CPDs springing up. So it’s hard know where to start looking for reliable information that’s not just taking advantage of this sudden zeitgeist.

I know what you’re feeling! Almost a decade ago, I had the same concerns that I wasn’t supporting my clients in a way that was backed up by current knowledge. I wanted to combine my years of experience teaching women with the science of how women’s health changes in midlife. I studied for 1000s of hours to understand the huge changes and symptoms of menopause and how they affect women’s ability and reaction to exercise, diet and more.

Niamh is a highly experienced menopause educator

Now I bring you all that learning, condensed into just 9 hours. This concise, research-based, comprehensive online training is relevant to your work.

Rest assured that I have been doing this since 2015, way before it became the fashionable topic it is today! I’ve been teaching since 2004, specializing in menopause for almost a decade and developed one of the first Yoga for Menopause teacher training certifications available. With my qualifications as a Pilates Instructor and as a Nutrition Coach, my CPD for Exercise Professionals and Health Coaches was a natural next step. My hundreds of graduates come from all over the world.

 “You bring a wealth of knowledge to the subject in a gentle, humorous and inclusive tone. I would highly recommend the course to other…professionals.” Hayley Bailey, Personal Trainer

This 9-hour self-paced course will help you feel confident that you have the most up-to-date information about women’s health in midlife. This will add value for the midlife clients that you work with, and set you apart in the fitness world.

Your clients will feel supported when you learn about menopause..

Your clients will feel supported when you learn about menopause..

  • You’ll understand why midlife women struggle more with energy, injury and recovery, and how to adjust your teaching to meet their body’s changing needs.
  • You’ll be uniquely positioned to provide much needed reassurance and empowering techniques to help them meet their health, strength and confidence goals.
  • You’ll understand the biochemistry, symptoms and health risk changes of the perimenopause transition and the years beyond menopause, offering you tools to support those issues.
  • You’ll access peer-reviewed research-backed information on nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep support specific for the stages of menopause and the significant years of your clients late 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.
  • You’ll get to grips with what we actually know about medical, complimentary and lifestyle options that are available to women.
  • You’ll experience your client’s gratitude as they discover that you truly see the importance of their midlife and menopause experience.
  • You’ll go from overwhelmed and confused about menopause, and about where to get the right kind of CPD training, to being at the forefront of an evolution in how the fitness industry supports women in midlife.
  • Clients, new and old, will see the value this training brings to your work, allowing you to reap the rewards of women being attracted to your modern approach to midlife and menopause fitness.

The highest rate of suicide in women most Western countries is between the ages of 45-54. This must, in part, be due to menopausal symptoms, exacerbated by the researched fact that women feel marginalised, misunderstood, and not taken seriously by the people they look to for help.

As her fitness or nutrition professional, you have the privilege of your client’s trust and time. If you take this course, she will see that you deserve her trust, and that she is taken seriously, and is worth targeted, informed, knowledgeable, pragmatic and compassionate support.

Sign up for only €147 and get started today. With the course accessible for a full year, you can learn from me again and again, as often as you’d like.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive on-demand CDP course from such an experienced practitioner and educator.


  • The biochemistry of the stages of menopause
  • The wide roles of our sex hormones
  • Symptoms
  • Health concerns
  • HRT
  • Nutrition
  • The changing needs of a woman’s body, particularly regarding exercise and diet
  • The role of stress
  • The use of language
  • Neuroanatomy and Brain Health
  • Researched menopause-supportive tools

“I’ve done a lot of menopause/peri CPD stuff in the last few months and yours was top class. You run a very informative, enjoyable, thorough course looking at all aspects of menopause and how we can support ourselves and our clients on this journey… working increasingly in this field, I found it very helpful.” Siobhan Daffy, Natural Health Practitioner

This course is open to Pilates teachers, Personal Trainers, Health, Nutrition & Wellness Coaches and any professional working with women.   

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