Creating Your Menopause Day Retreat

This day-long workshop offers supportive practices and educational resources from nutrition, exercise and sleep supports, to accessing your creativity. We will guide you in your peri-menopause journey, and to optimise your health, comfort and joy in the years beyond.

Join me and Siobhán Daffy, Natural Health Practitioner, as we join forces to bring you a joyful & restorative day empowering you to write your own menopause experience. I was delighted she was keen to collaborate, as she can offer more perspective on herbs, supplements and alternative remedies, and she is a creative arts facilitator. She will bring her skills to this day, helping you find your voice in, and your expression of your menopause journey.

Peri-menopause is a time of hormonal change and transition that can affect our wellbeing on every level. It can also be a time of profound reconnection and recalibration within ourselves. This day-long workshop offers supportive practices and educational resources for navigating the peri-menopause journey, and for maximising your health, comfort and joy in the years beyond.

  • Learn holistic ways to support your health, from beneficial nutrition to natural remedies.
  • Experience achievable ways to support your nervous system, strength and mobility
  • Enjoy deeply relaxing Restorative Yoga with a sound & poetry bath
  • Explore your creativity, light your passion – connect to your authentic menopause journey.

In our beautiful space with panoramic sea-views, the morning will offer you space to share your triumphs and struggles. Siobhán and I will offer insights and gentle education about why you’re struggling or thriving (sometimes both at the same time!), and you will learn lasting, small adjustments to nutrition, exercise, and stress-management that can make big differences. We will enjoy some Yoga and a little Pilates, addressing your physical needs.

While sharing a healthy and yummy lunch, you will learn what makes a menopause-supportive diet, relevant to the stage YOU are at. We will cover nutrition, herbs and supplements, that address the changing needs of your late 30s and early 40s (Late Reproductive Stage), 40s and early 50s (Perimenopause), late 40s-50s and beyond (Post-menopause).

Restorative/Yin Yoga

You’ll spend a pleasurable, creative afternoon luxuriating in deep holding for your nervous system through Restorative, Yin and Somatic Yoga (proven to support sleep and mood). We will inspire you through sound/creative writing and more to give voice to your creative soul.

Gorse Hill, Greystones, Co Wicklow

Saturday 19th November 10am-5pm

Cost: €85 (lunch included)

linkNiamh has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 2004 and is a registered Teacher Trainer. In 2015 she began to develop what became Yoga for Menopause. She is also a Pilates instructor, and holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition Coaching. She teaches classes, workshops, courses and supports women one-to-one. Since developing the Certificate in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause, she has trained Yoga teachers around the world how to adapt Yoga to support women in this phase of life. She also offers training courses to Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers and Health Coaches.

Siobhán Daffy LBSH ISHom Dip Kin is a natural health practitioner, poet, author and educator. She runs Dynamic Woman Homeopathy & Kinesiology Practice, onsite in the Dublin mountains and online, specialising in women’s health and wellbeing during times of hormonal transition. Siobhán is also an author, poet and creative arts facilitator with a love for creative expression. She has trained with inspiring teachers in the fields of voice and rhythm. Her interests overlap in her workshops and events which combine holistic wellbeing, creativity and energy work.