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You can discover all you need to know to support your perimenopause transition and look after your health in the decades post-menopause at your own pace, in this series of recorded workshops.
You will receive:
  • Over 8 hours learning and practice of the what is going on in your body, why and how to support it rather than unwittingly hindering it.
  • 6 sessions of varying length of Pilates-style strengthening classes, and Yoga for Brain-health, for mobility & for stress-reduction & sleep
  • Via email: Yoga, Strength, Stress, Nervous-system practices, overviews of workshop content, recipes, & more.

This course is available to you for 6 months.

As a bonus you can avail of a cut-price one-to-one session after or during your time doing the course.
Not only that, I am happy to answer any questions arising from what you learn during the course.
“I found the course to be wonderful. It was both informative and reassuring. I was especially taken with how you… were confident and reassuring with the information you provided but also encouraging and insistent on the importance of seeking medical advice around our symptoms [if necessary]. I don’t know exactly how to explain how useful this was but it made everything seem more sincere and beneficial.” Donna Marie, Donegal
If you prefer live, one-to-one support to address your individual needs you can add a private one hour session at a reduced rate after taking this course, or alternatively join me through my Easing Menopause Package or Nutrition Coaching

In the first session I will offer you a comprehensive physiological overview of the peri-menopausal phase that will help you understand the changes your body is experiencing. In this session you will hear how perimenopause has affected/is affecting/may affect you and I will share immediate ways of easing some of those struggles. I will introduce you to some core fundamental ways your habits may need to shift a little to support the changing biochemistry of your body, and we will focus on the perhaps unexpected, wide-ranging effects of nutrition and stress on our immediate comfort and long-term health.

Over the subsequent 3 session I focus on:

1) How to mind your cardio, digestive, brain and liver health, all major factors for our long-term wellbeing, which will also impact things like sleep, hot flushes, and mood.
2) How to mind your physical body, including muscle tone, bone strength and density, and joint mobility and comfort. This will also impact your metabolism, inflammation and your weight stability.
3) How to understand and regulate your changing mental and emotional struggles like anxiety, brain-fog, low mood, anger, and self-esteem.
Here are some improvements you may experience when you bring these recommendations into your life:
Better sleep. Less exhaustion. More energy.
Greater strength. Less joint pain. More flexibility.
Greater mobility. Less physical discomforts. More pleasure.
Greater self-esteem. Less anxiety. More hope.
Greater self acceptance. Less alone. More community.
Greater understanding. Less fear. More yourself.

Each session begins with a nutrition talk exploring different aspects of nutrition in relation to perimenopausal health including the role of our relationship with food. Offering supportive practical nutrition information with food examples and recipe ideas, I tie all this together with relational aspects around food, eating behaviours, and also mood fluctuations, and how we may support these changing experiences in peri-menopause.
The second part will be around the use of exercise, meditation, breathing, movement, Pilates & Yoga. My approach is to give you tools you can easily incorporate into your own exercise habits.

These workshops are about finding ways to reduce stress, aid with sleep, and be more comfortable and strong in your body, while ensuring that your efforts don’t unwittingly do more harm than good. There are lots of ways I will help you apply this understanding to your preferred go-to exercise, food and relaxation choices.

After you have listened, watched and absorbed the content of these sessions, comforted by a greater understanding, and with a clearer head and heart, you may find it easier to see where you can adapt your lifestyle, diet and perspective. These adaptations can significantly help ease the symptoms and concerns that are common but not insignificant during this time, and to mitigate against future health concerns.

“Thank you so much for giving me the tools with which to embrace my next phase. I feel more confident in striving for my needs to be met, more able to embrace what is ahead of me and less fearful of what my body is up to.” Sophie Warnock, Dublin
Cost: €75



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