Menopause Yoga: Yoga Therapy Ireland Talk with Niamh Daly

Yoga Therapy Ireland Conference Niamh Daly talk

Are you a yoga teacher with women students  in their 40s and beyond?

Then you are teaching women who are experiencing the very particular changes of menopause.

In a world full of conflicting information, unrealistic promises and frightening headlines, a Yoga for the Stages of Menopause Yoga Teacher could be the best informed, most reassuring person in their midlife students life. 

Invited to speak at Yoga Therapy Ireland International Conference, Yinstinct Founder and Yoga for Menopause Teacher Trainer Niamh Daly shares her talk: “Applying Research in Yoga for The Stages of Menopause”, where she covers:

  • The stages of menopause, including symptoms, health risks, and changes to fascia and other tissues that should influence, and very likely change your teaching.
  • How the claims that you may be reading about yoga to support menopause symptoms are often unfounded, and may risk harm in the presence of increasing physical, emotional and social vulnerabilities.
  • How Yoga for Menopause Teachers can learn what to add to yoga to better protect brains, bones and pelvic floor for the future.
  • How female yoga teachers also experience symptoms and are at greater risk of injury during their menopausal transition, and how they can benefit themselves and their students.

New levels of research are showing us that very distinct care is needed in the stages of menopause, physically, mentally and emotionally.

In Niamh’s talk, you’ll hear how yoga as it is may not be enough, and how this wonderful tradition should respond to meet those changing needs.

Ready to become a more Menopause-Supportive (inclusive, safe, responsible, and trauma-sensitive) Yoga Teacher?

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