Movement & More for Menopause and Beyond

I have a feeling that you are here because

You want to move, and keep moving well in ways that enhance your enjoyment of your life, for as long as possible.

Perhaps you have trained with me and want more knowledge, community and support.

Or maybe have done a little Yoga, or even lots. Other exercise too. But now what’s on offer in your local Yoga/Pilates/Gym studio or online doesn’t feel right for what you or your body want.

Instinctively you have changed your exercise and nutrition habits, but you’re not sure if you are covering all the bases.

You’re aware that in midlife and post-menopause you are wise to look after the future health of your bones, brain, pelvic floor and heart.

So, you are

Curious about ways to look after your body that are dedicated to you now, not how you were in your 30s! Keen to try or continue Yoga, but also want more effective elements for your bones and brain from disciplines like Pilates and Nutrition.
Becoming aware that your body is more nourished by pleasure than by “no pain, no gain”!

You are just the kind of woman for this community!

As a post-menopausal woman, I’ve been through the mill of perimenopause and come out the other side with a different body. I know that Movement for Menopause and Beyond made a major difference for me in my midlife experience, and continues to support me.
With a diagnosis of osteoporosis, I have been passionate about ensuring my work supports your bones and balance. Knowing my brain has changed, and how much we fear for our cognitive health, I have added tools for keeping your brain challenged in ways that benefit its long-term health.

With parents who died young, I am passionate about the overall health of our systems to protect from disease.

Having lost for a time (perhaps like you) my mojo, my joy, and my desire to exercise like I used to, I have developed ways of moving that enhance mental wellbeing, feel joyful and add pleasure to your life.

Over my decades of teaching, 1,000s of women have put their trust in me, because:

  • I understand how your hormone changes may affect you.
  • I know why and how yoga, exercise and nutrition should be adjusted to help support your health in the latter half of your life.
  • I know what common lifestyle recommendations can make you feel worse, and how to replace them with tools that serve your new body and nervous system.

By joining me and this online community you will:

  • No longer waste time googling for classes when you want to just… move!
  • Access reliable, achievable, evidence based information from the exercise and nutrition worlds to support your deserving body
  • Be able to find the right times and durations for your moment of self-care
  • Be free to choose different intensities and benefits according to what your body wants.
  • Know I’m here for you in our monthly community hang out.
  • Have the opportunity to meet other like-minded women
  • Grab one of 4 weekly slots for a 15 minute zoom call just for you, your questions and concerns
  • Be welcome to book cut-price one-to-one sessions to more deeply care for your unique questions and hopes through Yoga, Nutrition and Exercise

If you’re not sure, that’s ok, email me and I’ll send you a free trial class.

Membership is available from just €28 per month

Cost includes

  • Weekly new class recording uploaded to the library on 40 weeks of the year.
  • Over 200 classes and meditations to choose from in the Movement for Menopause and Beyond library
  • A monthly hangout with me on zoom, where you can meet me, and each other, and have questions answered, and get evidence-based tools to support you (uploaded to the library for you to access if you can’t join live). These will be on Sunday or Monday evenings (Irish time).
  • Booking one of four 15 minute weekly calls with me (first come, first served).

8 remaining months €175
1 month €28