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Best Collagen for Menopause

Collagen supplements are becoming more and more popular among women in menopause. Here I help...

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Podcasts I Have Guested On

A few choice ones! Click on each one to listen. The Midlife Feast MenoPAUSE: Real...

Menopause breakfast
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Boost Your Menopause Breakfast

A fully nourishing breakfast may really help you with many struggles, like energy, weight gain,...

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A Little of What You Fancy

Moving into the field of Nutrition and Health Coaching, despite my formal education (advanced Diploma),...

Menopause breakfast

Boost Your Breakfast

A fully nourishing breakfast is not a choice, it’s a necessity. Unless you are unable...

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Two Easy Recipes to Support You in Perimenopause & Beyond

What’s the first ingredient I look for in recipes to support my mid-life body, heart...