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Welcome to Yinstinct Yoga’s use-any-time resources. These include classes for individuals, workshops for women choosing to support their journey through perimenopause and into the post-menopause decades (whether on MHT/HRT or not), and for Wellness Professionals intent on providing their clients with knowledgeable, relevant tools. Yoga Teachers may be more interested in my Certificate in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause.

Not suitable for complete beginners, those fairly new to Yoga will be skillfully and safely led in detail.

There’s a special offer below for graduates of my training, and Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners will benefit from my unique style, deeply steeped in the science of stretch, anatomical knowledge, intuitive empowerment, somatic movement, pleasure, and long-term comfort, strength and mobility… the hallmarks of Yinstinct Yoga.  Read some testimonials here.

In the classes, where for only €0.83 per day, there are tips for

  • sleep
  • strength
  • relief of stress
  • reduction of symptoms
  • things to avoid and encourage in your body as the years go by.

The series of workshops covering Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Sleep for helping with symptoms of Perimenopause and supporting your changing health needs in the years post-menopause is available for you to access over 2 months. There are 8 hours of learning material, and over 4 hours of bonus material in the form of short and longer practices using Yoga and Pilates to improve strength, mobility, sleep and mood. Read more here, or use the booking button below.

The CPD for Wellness Professionals gives you 3 months access to the material. (9 hours plus bonus material). Read more here. or use the booking button below.

With over 20 videos in the general class gallery, there are tutorials, meditations, short and longer classes that you can use again and again. Practicing regularly will help you begin a habit that’s accessible and achievable.

Doing the Wellness Workshops, followed by the class gallery, will give you many months of support for your deserving body, heart and mind.

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Yinstinct Class Gallery  €50

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Menopause Wellness Workshops  €75

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Wellness Professionals CPD


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Graduate Teachers Deal (worth €125)

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