Payment Policy and Ts & Cs


Yinstinct Yoga with Niamh

Payment Policy, Ts & Cs 2020

Student/client information and consent.

Thank you for chosing to include sessions with me as part of your self-care. My approach to my work is from a standpoint of compassion and individual needs, where I stress that not all the elements of a Yoga practice are suitable for all bodies. I work with an awareness of up-to-date research in the science of stretch and exercise, so that some of my teaching is not as Traditional as other Yoga teachers you may have enjoyed.

Please note that my training is as a teacher of Yoga and a Thai Massage Therapist, and as such, I do not diagnose or prescribe on a medical level. If you have a medical condition, I do not advise that you discontinue treatment, as my work is intended to be in harmony with whatever other supports you need to stay safe and well. Your self-care is your responsibility, and I ask you to be mindful of pain sensations, which should never be ignored. Please tell me if you experience adverse reactions, even if you think they may be a “necessary evil” as part of your progress to better mobility.

For private clients, if you need to cancel an appointment, I require 24 hours notice or I may charge in full, or in part, for the missed session. If you are late for a session, I will do my best to accomodate you, but will likely need to finish at the allotted time.If I am late, I will add the time on to that session if convenient to you, or at another appointment.

Online payment policy

Payment must be made in advance of being joined to online classes or trainings. Cancellation policy is as per below. If there are technical issues from my end, I will aim to resolve within a few days, and if they can’t be resolved, I will supply you with an alternative to the equivalent value.

Weekly classes

Drop-in rate is €14

When you purchase a course (usually 12-15 weeks) that course must be used within the stated weeks of that term. Missed classes cannot be brought over into subsequent terms. I cannot retrospectively refund missed classes. Payment can be made in instalments, one on or before the first week, the second no later than one month after.

As we have seen, even though most people pay for a specific day, the reality is that all classes are open to you. This payment structure essentially allows you access to a choice of 5 classes per week (excludes city centre classes).

You can purchase a full course, or a full course minus two weeks max, at the discounted rate (ie instead of 8 weeks @ €100, you could purchase 6 weeks €80. Thereafter you are advised to do drop-in, as the complexity of keeping track of who has paid for and attended what classes gets confusing for all.

As always, you can attend any class during the term to make up for classes missed (for example, if you pay for 8 Wednesdays and miss one on week 3, you can come at another time during that week, or come twice on week 5, or 8 etc). I will do my best to keep track of your attendance, but you are trusted to be chiefly in charge of monitoring and honouring that yourself.


Please talk to me! Because, of course, in cases of serious illness, hospitalisation, bereavement, or the like, I will be my squidgy self, and look after you as best I can!


Half day workshops: At least a 50% deposit is payable in advance, by PayPal, bank transfer, or cash.

Cancellation Policy: At least 10 days notice: 100% refund

At least 7 days notice: 50% refund

Thereafter, no refund*

Full day workshops: Full amount payable 2 weeks in advance

Cancellation policy: At least 14 days notice: 100% refund

At least 7 days notice: 50% refund

Thereafter, no refund*

Retreats: 50% Deposit payable to secure your place, balance payable 2 weeks before retreat.

Cancellation Policy: One month’s notice: 100% refund

14 days notice: 25% refund

Thereafter, no refund*

Teacher Training:  Payment or deposit required to secure your place. Balance payable 1 month before training begins.

Cancellation policy: Up to one month’s notice, 75% refund.

Up to 2 weeks notice 50% refund.

If there is a recurrence of restrictions that leads to studios having to close again, the course will be run on the same dates but online.

Thereafter, no refund.*


If I need to cancel a class, I will teach that class at another agreed date. If you cancel a class with less than 48 hours notice, you are liable to pay in full.


If I have a waiting list and can fill your place, your payment is transferable to a subsequent event.