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You know that the stages of menopause can have a huge impact on the quality of life and health of the women you support. But you may not be certain (given the vast array of contradictory information in articles, books and popular media) whether you are supporting them in relevant, empathetic, safe and effective ways.

By training with me, you will become adept in adjusting your work to support symptoms and changing health risks, and in comforting your client, and thereby those she loves, as you help her understand why she feels so different. You will learn what we truly know about interventions via medicine, nervous system resilience, exercise and nutrition. Your deserving clients trust in you will be well-placed.

Your knowledge after taking a training with me could reach a woman before she descends into the anxiety, low mood and physical vulnerabilities that can characterise this time, and affect her life in the decades after menopause.

“Niamh I would just like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you for what has been an incredibly nourishing, enlightening and fascinating training. I loved every second of the learning and I can’t quite believe how much I have added to my knowledge.”

“I would recommend your course to anyone. I have undertaken lots of courses over the years and am often left feeling underwhelmed unfortunately. This was not the case with your course and it has actually exceeded expectations…”

“This course is of such a high standard, I will be recommending it to all.” 

“You create so many AHA moments in my practice and body-mind connection dearest Niamh, you are a STUNNING teacher.”