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Welcome to Yinstinct Yoga’s gallery of classes; where for only €0.83 per day, for 60 days, you can access classes of your choice when and where you wish.

These classes are suitable for all.

All classes are menopause-friendly.

Many are targeted to menopause.

There are tips for sleep, relief of stress, reduction of symptoms, things to avoid and encourage in your body as the years go by. Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners will benefit from my unique style, deeply steeped in the science of stretch, anatomical knowledge, intuitive empowerment, somatic movement, pleasure, and long-term comfort, strength and mobility… the hallmarks of Yinstinct Yoga.

With over 20 videos, there are tutorials, meditations, short and longer classes that you can use again and again. Practicing regularly will help you begin a habit that’s accessible and achievable.

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