Yinstinct Yoga Workshops

Yinstinct Workshops

Aimed at people who have been practicing some sort of Yoga for some time, the beginning of the workshops will appeal to our learning and reason, and will involve practical dissection of alignment principles. Yoga can and must evolve with the extraordinary learning, coming so generously to light from current research, about the human body and mind.

Then the practice is a gently guided offering to explore freedom within asana sequences, and then perhaps, un-sequenced periods (with optional guidance) where it’s up to you. All of these periods are book-ended by deeply relaxing and internally intimate Yin Yoga postures.
Your personal journeys will be guided by suggestions which you can rely on, or tune out of, depending on your readiness to explore. There is NO pressure to be magically expressive, or brilliantly “Yogic”, and your inhibition is as welcome as your freedom. You will be able to explore new ways to move, creating a Yoga that is as gentle, sensual, playful, strong, expressive, or traditional as best serves YOUR journey through life. As a part-time practitioner, you can come to your mat at home no longer stymied by “I don’t know what to do”. As a long-term Yoga lover or teacher (with some radical new thoughts to tease apart!) you will be newly invigorated with a sense of what your practice can be.