Yoga For Menopause

Yoga for menopause, to support you through peri-menopause, and beyond.

Workshops, classes, Nutrition, Corporate talks and Personalised programmes.

Fluctuations in our hormones can govern much of our emotional, mental and physical health, throughout our lives. I am an expert in supporting women through a phase of our hormonal life that is hugely lacking in medical, societal and personal knowledge, value or care. The stages of menopause, which begin for most women in their 40s, even before they see a change in their periods, is a life phase I am passionate to help you through.

Yoga can help you with key physical needs of this time: Bone density; muscle mass; cardio-vascular health; joint mobility, and with easing stress, poor sleep, fatigue, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem that can be a struggle during your peri-menopause and beyond.

However, not just any yoga will do this. In fact, doing Yoga without an awareness of your body’s new state may be hindering your journey through these years. Yinstinct yoga for menopause is an adaptation of this rich tradition to specifically serve women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond.

Using my Easing Menopause package, or private sessions, or a deep dive into my Teacher Training, you can empower yourself with tools to help you through.

I have helped over 100 women to recognise, accept, then deal with their menopausal symptoms, in classes, workshops, and 1:1.  I have been interviewed on RTE television, on radio and in multiple podcasts, advocating for women in this life-phase. Now there’s a surge of conversation in the media (and legislation to accommodate women is being drafted) about this natural, but sometimes difficult period, which all women will experience. We are being heard, and are a generation changing the image of the pre/peri/menopausal woman. She’s not at the end of something! She’s still parenting, working, and values her physical and social life. But at some point, doing all those things begins to feel more difficult…

Come join me, or search out one of the growing number of menopause-informed teachers who have completed my training.

I understand your struggles. I understand menopause. I can help you.