Yoga for Bone Health & Osteoporosis training

This 12 hour CPD/CEC will help you support your students safely and effectively, from an evidence-based perspective.

“Niamh offers highly professional training at an international level at incredibly affordable rates. I’ve just completed the Yoga for Bone Health [course] and it has changed my life and expanded my practice and my teaching. I strongly recommend Niamh’s work to yoga teachers and students alike.” Paola Catizone, Senior teacher of Yoga

Next dates August 5th 7-9.30pm and 24th 10am-2pm Irish time.

Between the 2 live sessions you are expected to study the recorded content.

The first session can be attended live or studied later as a recording, but you need to attend the second session live. You have 1 year access to the course content.

Over the age of 50, at least half your female students have low bone density. Most of them are unaware of this, and with your help, they could remain unaffected by this disease for their whole lives! But without safe practices, they are more prone to fracture and the complications which can seriously and directly affect longevity and quality of life.

Yoga can help, and yoga can harm. Yoga may be the only way they are caring for their physical wellbeing, even though yoga cannot have all the answers.

But when you teach in a way that is protective, and adds the kinds of challenge that enhance bone health in many ways, you make yoga more relevant to your students as they age than it might ordinarily be.

Addressing some myths that have become widespread about yoga’s ability to improve bone density, this course is about more than the question of reversing osteoporosis or building bone. It addresses bone health in many ways regarding avoidance of compression fractures in class, avoidance of fractures from falls, helping your students regain confidence in movement after a diagnosis, increasing the likelihood of better repair after fracture, and creating more positive stress on bone than traditional asana can.

In 12 hours, you could have all the tools you need to better protect your valued student’s bones, confidence, and movement through life.

This course is a magnification of the yoga for osteoporosis module of my well known Certificate in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause YTT (accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals), and so in essence, it has been running since 2020.

It is one of my Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider courses, giving you 12 CPD points.

The Teaching Yoga for Bone Health 

Curriculum includes:

Niamh Daly Yoga
Niamh Daly Yoga
Niamh Daly Yoga

Helping you recognise who needs help and how to give it:

Ensuring you know the risk factors for the development of osteoporosis so you can consider whether you have students likely to be affected.

Giving you confidence in your knowledge and understanding of how some yoga practices can and should be adjusted to avoid the risk of fragility, low impact, and compression fractures.

Helping you know how to adjust your teaching cues to effectively encourage maximum positive stress on muscles and bones.

Teaching you ways to creatively help your students gain confidence in movement after a diagnosis that can sometimes lead to fear of movement.

Helping you support everyone in your classes as they age, because in this Yoga for Bone Health course you will learn ways to protect everyone from many issues that decrease quality of life as the years go by, like posture, balance, confidence in walking, injury protection, core strength and more.

Teaching you effective ways to add to and adjust your current skills, and helping you to create safe, inclusive and supportive classes and workshops.

After the first live meeting online there are 5.5 hours of recorded content to study before the second live meeting.

Modules include

  • The biochemistry and anatomy of bones and bone turnover
  • Risk factors for osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Contraindicated postures and how to adapt any posture for safety
  • 4 sequences to get you started
  • How to add benefit to postures without further props
  • How to use resistance bands to add benefit
  • Using Pilates elements for safer movement, core engagement and added exercise options
  • Practices to reduce compression fractures
  • How to challenge balance and improve posture using neuro-stimulus techniques
  • Adjustments and options for chair yoga, floor-based, and standing yoga
  • Nutrition for bone health
  • Research into yoga for osteoporosis unwrapped
  • Responsible and inclusive marketing

There are no texts to be purchased. You will receive an 20 page PDF manual with all the information you need, additional homework links, and access to pre-recorded content.

Plus six months access to study the entire course again.

Teachers from around the world, including Europe, UK, Australia, Canada and USA have graduated from my Yoga for Menopause training. Below is some feedback about that course, and some of my work with clients.


Simona Frison, Yoga Teacher, France

“I really enjoyed the Yoga for Bone Health training and your approach, you are a wonderfully engaging teacher, your style is so relaxed and yet so informative, very easy to listen to and the training was just the right mix of theory and yoga practice. Thank you!”
Yoga for Menopause Teacher Training with Yinstinct Yoga and Niamh Daly

Julie Horsom, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

“I have learned so much from the 12 Hours training and plan to incorporate  [it] into my daily life and my teachings immediately.  The training was so practical and user friendly…I particularly enjoyed using the resistance bands which I had not used before. I found them to be simple but extremely effective. I loved the imagery you used… very helpful for my way of learning.”

Yoga for Menopause Teacher Training with Yinstinct Yoga and Niamh Daly

Helen McGonagle, 1:1 Client, Ireland

“Dear Niamh.. in April (my oncologist) could see from my hip and shoulder x-rays that I had osteoporosis. It took until today to get a scan and the results show that in fact my bones are in good shape, only just into osteopenia, even improved from my last scan in 2019.

I am beyond delighted. Thank you for all your advice and guidance, both dietary and exercise; it certainly produced fantastic results!

Would you like to join me in supporting your students for the road ahead?

The next live online dates are in May: May 3rd 7-9.30pm and 26th 2-6pm Irish time (the futher 5.5 hours are self-paced).

You can receive recording of the first session if you can’t attend live.

Register now or scroll on to learn more

After graduating, if you choose to go on to the live Yoga for Menopause training, you can receive this discount as a refund.

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Please read terms and conditions before booking.

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Niamh Daly, founder of Yinstinct Yoga, registered Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer (Yoga Alliance Professionals), Somatic Education coach, Nutrition coach and Pilates Mat Instructor.

I’m Niamh Daly.

Founder of Yinstinct Yoga, author of Yoga for Menopause & Beyond, a Guide for Teachers & their Students (in bookshops early 2024)

Registered Senior Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and YACEP, Somatic Education Coach, Nutrition Coach, Pilates Mat and Small Equipment instructor.

YAP badges

My work with the human body began with explorations in the Alexander Technique in the mid-1990s.

I have trained in Hatha Yoga, and studied and/or practiced most of the variations of Yoga from its most traditional roots in India, to new approaches and hybrids.

I continue to study: including with Donna Farhi, renowned Clinical Anatomist and fascia expert John Sharkey, Integral Anatomist Gil Hedley, Sarah Lo, Marlene ffrench-Mullen, Rebekah Rotstein and Lisa Petersen.

Primarily through Yoga in its most recognisable forms, and influenced by 5 rhythms dancing, somatic movement, mindfulness and anatomy, I have sought to tempt people away from dictatorial top-down regimes. So I have created methods to encourage self-agency and true embodiment, allowing the free expression of our nervous system through the physical and emotional body.

In addition to Yoga trainings, I also train Pilates and Fitness professionals, psychotherapists and counsellors via my CPD courses in Menopause Awareness & Strategies, and teach women and some men in classes, one-to-one and on retreats.

It was launching my Yoga for Menopause protocol that got me passionate about osteoporosis, and when I was diagnosed myself at the age of 52, it became very clear to me, a long term practitioner, that Yoga was not enough to prevent it. So I studied the research many teachers use to claim that Yoga increases bone density, and I am sad to say that we have some myths to bust about yoga’s ability to do that.

In the course I will help you see how some well-known protocols may not be all they seem.

The good news is there are some aspects of yoga custom made to support people with osteoporosis. There are also ways yoga is risky and less effective than I feel it could become. Certainly, yoga could be focused and added to to support bone health much more effectively.

Feel free to book now, or get in touch with Niamh with any questions.

Please read terms and conditions before booking.

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oga for Menopause Teacher Training with Yinstinct Yoga and Niamh Daly oga for Menopause Teacher Training with Yinstinct Yoga and Niamh Daly

Zoe Smith, Yoga teacher, United Kingdom

“I have gone through the training videos and even used some of the content for a workshop I hosted last weekend. I wrote a health talk on bone health using the question and answer videos which were amazing! 
I have to say I think this CPD has been absolutely brilliant and so informative, all of the women I shared this with really enjoyed it… And what an eye opener on how many woman aren’t using resistance training at all.”
Yoga for Menopause Teacher Training with Yinstinct Yoga and Niamh Daly

Andrea Norton, Yoga Teacher & Lecturer, 1:1 Client, Ireland

Niamh’s courage in challenging the often times sweeping claims of the current yoga for menopauses teachings makes her, in my personal opinion, an authentic practitioner.

I have been involved in holistic health and yoga therapy for over 30 years, and I am truly grateful to find someone who is so genuinely passionate about women’s self-care” 

Yoga for Menopause Teacher Training with Yinstinct Yoga and Niamh Daly

Una Lee, client, Ireland

“A course of 1:1 online Yoga Classes with Niamh has brought me back to Yoga after a diagnosis of Osteoporosis. Niamh is a skilled teacher with an exceptional depth of knowledge for the body and mind.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the arrows on the left to reveal each answer to the questions you may have.

For Live Training: Niamh looks forward to welcoming you to the next Live Training of Yoga for Bone Health. She’ll be in touch by email within 24 hours with next steps after your payment is received.

12 hours total, made up of 6.5 hours live, and 5.5 hours homework via instruction videos, sequence classes, nutrition talk and more.

This includes three components to successfully graduate:

  • Attendance & participation/study of all content
  • Teaching integration
  • Quizzes answered

This course counts for your continued education credits for Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals

Yes. You will learn specific ways to adjust many yoga asana for safety, and how to add muscular activation cues and resistance bands to optimise the positive stress on bones.

You will learn a short sequence each for

  • chair yoga
  • floor based yoga
  • standing asana
  • balancing challenges

The live online training is delivered online via Zoom.

You have further hours to study in your own time.

No – graduates in overseas time zones which do not agree with Ireland have an option: 

  • If your time difference is more than 3 or 4 hours, Niamh will record the portion of the day that is during the night time for you. 

You will receive it to study within an hour of the end of the day’s teaching.

Yes you can. The content is suitable for anyone who is trained as a Yoga teacher, or in training.

However it does not qualify you to teach Yoga for Bone Health until you have graduated your RYT 200 hours minimum, and the certificate of completion will be granted only after you have graduated from your foundational Yoga Teacher Training with your main teacher.

Yes you are welcome if you have been practicing Yoga for at least 2 years.

However, please be aware that the certificate will only be granted to yoga teachers.

Teachers have said they love how approachable Niamh is, and Niamh freely welcomes emails with simple questions. Bigger concerns can be addressed in a mentoring session. 

Niamh is also happy to share your events through her social media channels  if you tag her @yinstinctyoga.

Niamh here for you! You can avail of my 1:1 support through my Personal Resource page here. These resources include group or private classes and retreats, and online membership.

Of course! Please reach out to Niamh personally via email here, and ask away!

Student Testimonials: Yoga for Menopause Teacher Training with Yinstinct Yoga and Niamh Daly

Lulu Winfield, Yoga Teacher, United Kingdom

“Delivered with such warmth and wisdom.  Felt very safe to share or ask questions and the flow between cognitive learning and physical practice was perfectly balanced. I felt nothing was lost by the virtual format.

Yoga for Menopause Teacher Training online and Self Study with Yinstinct Yoga and Niamh Daly - Student Testimonials

Christine Stewart, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

Niamh has a no frills attached teaching skill which is inclusive, respectful, honest and open. I loved every minute of this training, and feel it is something we should all be exposed to.” 

Rachel Lee Yoga Teacher Ireland

Rachel Lee, Yoga Teacher, Ireland

Four beautiful days filled with information, nourishment and inspiration. And superbly facilitated! I must admit I loved being in the comfort of my own space at home and still felt very connected to the whole group.” 

Niamh Daly, founder of Yinstinct Yoga, registered Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer (Yoga Alliance Professionals), Somatic Education coach, Nutrition coach and Pilates Mat Instructor.