YTT Testimonials

This course is of such a high standard, I will be recommending it to all.”  Melissa Curtis, Senior Yoga teacher and trainer, and Course Graduate.
“Niamh’s gentle nature and expertise supported my personal development. She created a warm, compassionate atmosphere. I loved how much science the course incorporated. It was more than just another yoga training, and I learned information that I look forward to sharing with my yoga students and in my counseling practice.” Heather Sheridan, Yoga Teacher, Brussels. Course Graduate
“I would recommend your course to anyone. I have undertaken lots of courses over the years and am often left feeling underwhelmed unfortunately. This was not the case with your course and it has actually exceeded expectations…” Jaime Doyle, Yoga Teacher, Course Graduate, Bristol, UK
“As a yoga teacher working with women for many years and going through my own peri-menopause journey this is a training I have been wanting to take for around 3 years.  I have looked at many different options and tried a couple of workshops.  Nothing felt quite right and then I found Yinstinct Yoga.  I am so glad I did.   Niamh is a wonderful trainer who exudes warmth, compassion and wisdom.  The course is underpinned with such a clear delivery of the physiology of menopause and in understanding the responsibilities a teacher has in holding a safe and inclusive emotional space.  I feel confident in teaching safe and effective asana that is cleverly adapted to support good physical (and mental)  health at this time of change and in weaving in meditation and pranayama to soothe and reduce stress.  Niamh’s passion to empower women through the stages of menopause is a constant throughout her teaching and  her intentions are always passed on with a great respect for the practice and the practitioner.  Truly inspirational.” Lulu Winfield, Senior Yoga Teacher & Course Graduate, London.
“The training was honestly one of the most caring trainings I have ever taken part of, you are such a fantastic and wise facilitator and I am so grateful that I was able to be part of what felt like a secret club. I have already adjusted my classes with information I learned during the training in hopes I can provide a really beneficial practice for my lovely students in such a potent, transformative time in their lives.” Aoife Mc Dermott, Course Graduate
“Niamh has a no frills attached teaching skill which is inclusive, respectful, honest and open, I loved every minute of this training, and feel it is something we should all be exposed to.” Christine Stewart, Training Graduate
“I have to commend you on your clear teaching style and talent for facilitation.  You have a wonderful ability to hear each participant  and get to the heart of what is being communicated. The content was great, the practices beautiful and the manual clear and interesting to read.  Lara Dunlea, Training Graduate
“I had the pleasure of training in yoga for menopause with Niamh recently and I have to say , Niamh made the whole training experience effortless, enjoyable and she is so knowledgeable in her speciality that I felt like our group were almost transfixed with each word she was telling us , never any judgment and always a feeling of warmth And acceptance, I would recommend and advise people to either do some classes with her for their own wants or needs or as a yoga instructor in training for new insights and experience.” Shirley Phelan, Training Graduate
“I was sceptical of online yoga offerings… but this course worked brilliantly in the online format! The course felt intimate even though we were not actually physically together I was very surprised and so happy at that. The content has been brilliant and thought provoking, from the information on the menopause to the practicalities and limitations of teaching a class. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Niamh and being with the other ladies. Would have loved nothing more than to be physically… in a room together but in view that this was all online it was marvelous and intimate in a way I would not have thought possible.”  Brigitte Stuart, Training Graduate
“The content in the manual was excellent,  I feel much better equipped now on how to help a woman going through menopausal stages in her life. Clear, informative and factual, the clarity of the information you gave us was excellent.” Mary Conway, Training graduate
An amazing weekend training. Niamh is ideal for this online style as her fearless & truthful nature comes across despite physical separation.” Saoirse O Donoghue, Training graduate
“I found the content very interesting and it covered everything required to get a very good understanding of the stages and how they affect women differently. There is a fantastic range of tools described in how to help and I feel that all symptoms and stages are covered well.”  Erica Tracey, Training Graduate